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Nov 15 2017

Logan Lucky

Kicking off a sneak preview of "Logan Lucky", the spectator gets acquainted with the family, which is experiencing serious financial difficulties. Jimmy Logan was tired of working on dirty, difficult, dusty and harmful work. Every day he risked their lives and all for pennies, which are missing out on life. His brother, Clyde, work easier, but he is constantly forced to endure bullying and humiliation.

Far from being the most successful life lives and their sister Mally. Watching the delicate situation, Jimmy comes to the conclusion that it's time to change the situation. They need to urgently find a way to earn this amount of money, which is enough for comfortable and luxurious life until the end of his days.

Soon he begins to plan a bank robbery. But it is not so easy as it seems, so they turn to Joe, a criminal who best knows how to loot these institutions. Together they discussed the plan that they should perform audacious crime during the regular NASCAR races. There will be a big part of the city, including the police.

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