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Oct 13 2017

American Made

Kicking off a sneak preview of "American Made", the viewer becomes acquainted with Barry Silom, a man who in the mid-sixties of the last century could become the youngest of them all, who piloted Boeing 747. At the age of 27 years, he had made his name in history and could declare themselves throughout the country. But career civil pilot has evolved differently than Barry would have liked. The situation is becoming critical, when it loses the license. Being desperate, he decides to go, not only against the rules, but also the law.

As a result, he is associated with the most dangerous criminals from Latin America, controlling all traffic of drugs coming in from their country in America. Becoming an important link in their activities, it considers the scheme that soon becomes a well-established and reliable. As a result, Barry soon became one of the biggest traffickers of its time. At the same time Barry starts to run jobs for the CIA and Government senior bureaucrats concerned about the growth of communist influence in the region.

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