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Dec 15 2017

The Mountain Between Us

Kicking off a sneak preview of "The Mountain Between Us", the viewer becomes acquainted with Ashley Knonks, writer, which is rushing to return home. At the same time we are introduced to talented surgeon Ben Payne. They don't know each other, but soon the fate of offsetting their way. Ashley is hurrying to their own engagement, which is planned for the near future, but in a different city. But surrounded by mountains airport, all flights are canceled because of too bad weather. Ashley is in a panic and trying to find any way in which will be able to go home on time. She soon decides to use the services of a private aviation company. At the same time declares and Ben, which waits for the patient. He cannot cancel the operation and must urgently fly out.

During the flight, the aircraft, which fly Ashley and Ben, suffers collapse. They only manage to survive. The main characters of the film "the mountains among us", which you can look at our website online, find themselves in the dense forests of Colorado. They are in complete isolation from the outside world. And to survive, they have to overcome many difficulties and learning to work together.

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  1. john ighost01
    0 30 Dec 2017 02:01
    nice story