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Jan 9 2018

The Snowman

The film "The Snowman" develops in 2004 year, Oslo police finds that the city has for many years operated a mysterious offender committing similar atrocities from year to year. For many consecutive years, when the first snow falls in the city, then suddenly going disappearance of married women. The offender does not make breaks and repeats this crime every year.

The case takes an experienced detective Harry. He seriously feared that a serial killer might pick up many more victims. Examining the complex and convoluted case, the protagonist discovers that the crime scene always appears snowman. In addition, the offender has never killed a woman, could have a husband and children. And now he has to find the murderer and send it to the dock. Because of this, he loses the rest and sleep. Harry dread realizes that inexorably approaching the next snowfall. Soon it is joined by one of the most successful recruits. Together they must find the killer before the first snow fall out.

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