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Jan 17 2018


The film "Jigsaw" takes place in a small town where police find several human bodies. Investigation finds that each of them died a violent death and was involved in a complicated game. Losing, victims were a horrible massacre. On the spot they find plenty of evidence, but they are more confusing than give investigators answers to questions. And most of all police officers worried about the fact that the evidence found at crime scenes, indicate that responsibility for atrocities rests with John Kramer, popularly known under the nickname "Saw."

The main characters are set questions about how this is possible. After all, the man known under this pseudonym, died more than a decade ago. He was able to rise from the dead? Someone imitates him? Investigators believe that this secret follower who decided to bring the case to his idol until the end. But there are people who fear that bears responsibility for the crimes of someone from the police, because only they fully know all the subtleties of the actions of a serial killer.

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  1. Taissa Walker
    0 28 Mar 2018 19:03
    this movie is great wish they didnt end it like that