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Feb 6 2018

Daddy's Home 2

Event comedy film "Daddy's Home 2" start to develop at a time when the confrontation ends Breda Whitaker and Dusty Mjejrona. Each of them manages to achieve that goal, then they realize that their entire conflict had no meaning. And when grudges are forgotten, Dusty and become close friends, ready to support each other in any minute.

Now, however, when it seemed everything bad left behind in lives of the main characters suddenly burst their own parents, are able to turn everything upside down. The situation is getting worse due to the fact that Dusty and Brad specifically are joining forces to organize the Christmas party, that their children will be able to call perfect. And there's no way planned appearance of someone else. But the loving attention of Dusty's father and a feminine incredibly emotionally sensitive dad Breda differently see family holiday. They make Christmas in the present chaos.

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