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Feb 10 2018

Murder on the Orient Express

The events of the movie the detective murder on the Orient Express in one of the most luxurious and comfortable trains all over Europe. In the center of the plot is a seasoned detective Hercule Poirot. It is urgent to go to Britain, but the problem is that all the seats are already occupied. Despite this, the Director of the company, which owns Express, travelling in the same train, so he graciously agrees to make a detective of the place.

The next morning the protagonist observes that in the car are people of various nationalities. And they are all quite accidentally came together in this journey. One of them, not the most pleasant person communication offers Poirot to become his personal bodyguard. It promises high pay, saying that he faces mortal danger and soon it can kill. Poirot refuses. The next morning to find his corpse, and the train due to bad weather stops somewhere in Yugoslavia. The protagonist decides to investigate the case and find the perpetrator.

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