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Feb 1 2018


In the story of animated cartoon "the mystery of the twelve year old boy is Coco Miguel, who lives in a small Mexican village. Born into a family of shoemakers, watching with interest the life and work of the household, but myself wants a different life. Miguel sleeps and sees how becomes popular musician and will perform their own songs before humans populated rooms. And everything would be fine if it were not for the fact that his house music is considered a real curse.

Once one of his forebears left his wife in order to fulfill my dream and that is why the theme music from generation to generation moves as taboo. Despite this, Miguel tries to learn about your distant relative as much as possible. He soon discovers that between him and his favorite musician there is a link. And to better understand this, he travels to the land of the Dead. There he meets the spirits of their ancestors and finds a mate-conductor. Together they go on a quest of Miguel believes his idol.

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  1. Hanatai Hunt
    0 11 Apr 2018 00:27
    Awesome movie