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Feb 1 2018


In the Centre of the story, narrated by the authors of the film "Wonder" is a boy August, which enjoys the same things as other children his age. He loves playing video games, hanging out with his beloved dog, quarrel and contend with the sister, regularly review the "Star Wars" and a lot of time to spend on the Internet. At the first glance it would seem that he is no different from the rest of the guys, but this is not the case.

August is not like other children. He was never in a normal school, and from early childhood, the boy is at home. In addition, he was born with a genetic strain-his absence person. Because of this August postponed nearly thirty operations. Despite this, he remained not unlike others. But once he has to go to school. Children his age may be evil. August understands that it will be hard, but he was determined to prove that physical appearance is irrelevant if the man really is beautiful inside.

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Comments to the movie Wonder

  1. john ighost01
    +2 6 Feb 2018 02:26
    I hope that some people learn from this movie.
  2. Jairo Estrada
    +2 16 Feb 2018 06:06
    Heartwarming movie. Made me cry.
  3. Lilkibby402
    0 17 Mar 2018 20:35

  4. Tina Stephens
    +1 4 Apr 2018 22:13
    Amazing and heartfelt movie. Hope people can learn kindness from this. Bullies usually start at home with the parents and this wasn’t any different. Parents teach your kids kindness and empathy. Cried off and on through the whole thing. Adorable kids who learned some good lessons along the way; all becoming better for it in the end.