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Dec 13 2017


What happens to the man who literally return from the dead? The answer to this question does not give rest to the main characters of the movie "Flatliners" in the center of the plot is a group of students involved in medicine. Each of them is talented and shows good results. However, the subjects seem too simple. Doctors decide to uncover the secrets that are considered inaccessible to the understanding of the human mind. They're going to penetrate the mystery of nothingness and the return to life.

They think the operation, according to the plan which each of them turns out to be in a State of clinical death. Followed by a return to the world of the living. Flirting with death, they are trying to understand whether there is life after death that occurs after disabling vital organs and whether there was another world. However, the main characters of the movie "Flatliners" you without obstacles can now see online on our website does not even represent how dangerous their game. The situation is complicated when one of the doctors with horror realizes that he returned without one. Something into the world of the living from the nothingness with it.

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Comments to the movie Flatliners

  1. john ighost01
    0 25 Dec 2017 02:27
    They should have asked Chuck Norris about the near death experience because the death had once a near chuck experience
    1. Jason Lee Hall Hall
      0 18 Jan 2018 06:56
      Hopefully this one will outshine the original.