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Apr 11 2018

Den of Thieves

The events of the film "Den of Thieves" twist around a large, influential and experienced head of one of the most elite units in Los Angeles. Every day he and his guys go out on the streets to protect the law and punish those who are willing to walk through it. Nick regularly argues that his team is much cooler than the ones on whom they prey.

But even these intrepid guys can appear rivals. Suddenly Big Nick learns that the famous and elusive criminal, known for his loud robbery, plan new business. His plan so audacious that shocked even turns out to be Nick. The fact that the perpetrator has focused on the Federal Reserve Bank of United States. Not wanting to watch this aside, Nick announces he war. It's going to hinder an offender at any cost. It does not play by the rules, so the thief waits for dangerous play. The situation is complicated by the fact that the way the offender moving not only police but also influential gangster organization. Despite strong pressure, the thief is going to finish what we started.

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