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Feb 6 2018

Darkest Hour

The dramatic events of the film "Darkest Hour" begin their development in just a few days before Winston Churchill to be Prime Minister. He is watching what is going on in the world and realizes that soon will face one of the most significant and complex problems for the rest of their lives. And while it does have a bit of time, he reflects on how best to make a decision.

Churchill knows that it has only two choices: or to begin negotiations with the German aggressors and their allies, sacrificing its principles with the signing of the agreement on non-aggression, or try to fight back, protecting freedom and the rights of its citizens. Powerful force already Hurricane sweeps across the territory of Western Europe, by subjugating these peoples and intact destroying all in its path, who disagreed with the actions of the leadership of Germany. Churchill understood that sooner or later the invasion of his country will happen. The main problem is getting the inexperienced public, strong skepticism in the ranks of monarchist family and clashes within his party. All this greatly hurts the ruler of the country.

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