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Apr 11 2018


In the center of the plot of the film "Hostiles" is the legendary Captain named Joseph j. Blocker, which witnessed a bloody and brutal war. Becoming a captive of the situation he faced. As a result, he forgot about compassion and lost beyond reality.

In 1892 year Joseph is ordered to return to their homeland, Yellow Hawk, a dying Indian Chief. The protagonist needs to accompany him to his home with his family. But the problem is that he curses all the Redskins and sees only their sworn enemies. Put in shackles and chains of the Indians, he takes the whole family on territories which are infested with hostile tribes. On the way they encountered dangerous runaway criminals, and wild animals waiting for a convenient moment. Behind every corner awaits them in mortal danger. Soon joined the young widow Rosalie, whose children Comanche killed right before her very eyes. She's ready to go the hard way to take revenge on them. This meeting will be decisive for Joseph.

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