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Mar 12 2018


Starting browse sci-fi film "Annihilation", the viewer learns of the existence of special abnormal area on the planet. Nobody quite knows exactly where it came from and what there is. Researchers from around the world have an interest in its study. Some, particularly brave, attempt to get inside the zone. And soon, thanks to them it turns out that this deadly area filled with abnormal phenomena.

In an unknown zone no monsters or bounty hunters, but there is something strange and more terrible. The secret government organization sends exploratory organization, however, it disappears. She then sends another Squad, but he disappears from the radar screen, and ceases to show signs of communication. What happened actually? At the story's Center is Lana, scientist-biologist, which is going to go to this place in search of his wife, who disappeared along with the latest search engine group. Along with her on a quest is sent a squad of experienced scientists and researchers.

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  1. Al Aidarus
    0 13 Mar 2018 13:40
    Great site but when i click download it seems i cant download instead another site appears.How do i download?