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May 22 2018

Death Wish

At the very beginning the survey of film “Death Wish” we become acquainted with the gender of Kersi, experienced doctor, who each day will save human lives. Working entire its life as surgeon, it could obtain the love of patients, respect for colleagues and acknowledgement management. Gender is sincerely happy by its life. House its each day waits the thoughtful wife of Lucy and attentive daughter Jordan. However, euphoria of gender is interrupted after to its house it is subjected attack of unknown criminals.

Husband it dies directly on the hands in gender. Being located in the state of desperation, it here turns into the police, hoping for the aid of the representatives of law. However, local policemen declare, that they are too loaded by similar incidents and give no guarantees. Investigation is plugged, and the guilty still are found on the freedom. Understanding, that no one will help it, the former respectable and law-abiding citizen acquires weapon and leaves on the street in order to accomplish justice. The history of lonely person, who began to brutally kill criminals on the criminal streets of Chicago, rapidly attracts attention of the representatives of media outlets.

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