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May 9 2018

Red Sparrow

The film "Red Sparrow" tells about the experimental agent intelligence Natanijele Njeshe and the Russian intelligence service officer Dominica Egorova. Appears that the ranks of secret service wound up Mole. Conjectured that they may be Nash. Dominica therefore is ordered to bring it on clean water. But it is not so easy as it seems. Dominic decides to seduce Nash, believing that he would be able to merge information only if it is experiencing romantic feelings.

Dominica was once a top ballerina and trained women agents that use external data as bait. Between the protagonists, life-long relationship. But the problem is that their interaction is jeopardizing the national security of the two countries. Nash is trying to convince his beloved that he can be fully trusted. Brewed porridge. Dominic decides to take revenge on their leadership.

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