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May 5 2018

Game Night

At the very beginning of the film "Game Night" we are introduced to a young couple, loving unusual games. Together with your friends and buddies they regularly organize peculiar adventure quests city at night. Despite the amateur nature of the activities, the number of people willing to always exceeds all acceptable norms.

Great games to entertain all participants, so the main characters are not going to rest on our laurels. The themes of their new game-crime. According to plan the abduction must occur, and the participants will search for the abducted man and solve the confused matter. At first all went well, but suddenly the game stops being fun. Heroes engage in a real adventure with assassinations, car chases, real criminals and even agents of federal services. Events are evolving incredibly rapidly. Here's the only problem is that some participants still don't realize that the game has long since ended. Fiction and reality are mixed.

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