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Mar 26 2018

I Kill Giants

At the very beginning of watching the fantasy drama "I Kill Giants", we meet with Barbara Thorson, not the years of smart and discerning. It strikes around with its imagination, riot imagination and a high level of intellect. She is not only smart, but also incredibly resourceful. Also, Barbara is very keen on the tongue and never gives herself a grudge.

At school, everyone thinks the girl is not afraid of anything. She is easily ready to stand up for herself and can repel any person without paying attention to his age. And it is not surprising, because the girl has a magic hammer, and she has long been engaged in the extermination of giants. The only problem is that nobody believes her. The others consider all her stories to be a real fabrication. That's why many people laugh at it and don't take it seriously. But Barbara doesn't care. She pays no attention to ridicule and grin. She has more important things to do. She will have to impress a lot of huge creatures. After all, it is able to save the world and protect people close to her.

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